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To your full potential

More than 500 proud and devoted employees have chosen to be part of Mailhot's team and contribute each day to the success of this Quebec-based company.

Why working at Mailhot Industries?

Ranking as one of the most important PME in Quebec, Mailhot Industries is solidly established in Saint-Jacques de Montcalm and has been employing the local people of the Lanaudiere region and surroundings for more than 60 years now. Several generations of local workers have relied on Mailhot Industries to develop their careers while using their expertise and talents.

Mailhot Industries offers a working environment where performance and teamwork are put forward, which allows all its employees to meet their own challenges. So, they can truly make a difference and contribute significantly to the company's success.  

Our motivations and what we stand for

Mission Vision Values
To design and manufacture state-of-the-art hydraulic cylinders that perfectly meet the needs of its customers through innovative and adapted solutions in a healthy, pleasant and safe work environment.
To be known worldwide for the outstanding quality and excellence of its products due to its unique processes, modern manufacturing sites and committed work teams.
We believe that our actions and products mirror our values in every way, which is why integrity, transparency, listening and innovation are at the core of our business approach.

Build your future


Build your future


Attractive working conditions

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We offer a competitive salary and a full range of benefits to our employees.


Stimulating workplace

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Mailhot Industries offers a dynamic and stimulating work environment to its employees where teamwork is highly valued. Our employees evolve in a convivial and relaxed work atmosphere which contributes to the creativity and performance of our teams.


A passionate team

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The employees form a human and dedicated team which is focused on action and solutions. They cultivate the spirit of teamwork on a daily basis while building on the skills and expertise of each employee, thus offering extensive professional development opportunities.


Quality of life

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Mailhot Industries helps its employees reduce unnecessary stress on a daily as well as contribute to the conciliation of all the important aspects of life.

  • Work schedule flexibility
  • Hybrid telework policy
  • Located less than 45 minutes from major urban centers, without traffic

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