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Customize solutions

Customize solutions

Customized solutions offering performance and durability to meet the specific needs of an application or an industry.

Customized Solutions

Corrosion and wear resistance

100% Nitriding


Compared to competiton


in all conditions

Stand for excellence


Stand for excellence




Mailhot offers series of hydraulic cylinders adapted to the conditions of use proper to each application. The product development is directly linked to the customer's special needs and puts forward exclusive leading-edge technologies. Each series has its own characteristics that make it a high-quality product. 

If your application requires a customized solution, our teams are ready to work with you to develop a product that completely meets your needs.


Single and Double Acting Telescopic Cylinders


If you require a customized solution that will meet the needs and challenges of your industry, from single to double-acting hydraulic cylinders, Mailhot Industries will work with you to develop products that combine performance and durability. 

The unique design of Mailhot products offers the highest level of corrosion resistance ever achieved in the industry thanks to the unique salt bath nitriding process used in the manufacturing process. 

To talk about your project or needs with an expert, contact us.


Single Stage Cylinders - Customized Engineering


For more information about a custom rod cylinder solution, visit the JARP Industries website, sister company of Mailhot Industries or contact our team

Like Mailhot, JARP Industries is a world leader in the manufacturing of high quality custom hydraulic cylinders operated under harsh conditions.


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